Support local artists that have been affected by convention and event cancellations due to Covid-19. Many of these artists rely on event income to support themselves, and event cancellations can lead to financial hardship.

We have compiled a list of artists and crafters affected. They will be providing special sales and giveaways over the weekend. Please consider giving them your support!

Sales and Giveaways

Each artist is running their own special sale this weekend! Enter coupon code VIRTUALAA to receive special discounts!

Some artists are also running a special giveaway! Each order from each store will be an entry in that artist's giveaway! The winner's prize will be shipped alongside their order!

Social Media

Please be sure to add us on social media! We will post regular updates and promote our vendors!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at

For artist applications, please click the "apply" button in the upper right corner.

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Our Vendors

Please click a category! Each link opens in a new window.

If a link does not work, it means we don't have any artists in that category on the website yet.

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